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When God When?

Mark 16:9

It was early on Sunday morning when Jesus came back to life, and the first person who saw him was Mary Magdalene—the woman from whom he had cast out seven demons.

It's easy to read past the first portion of this sentence & miss the significance of the second part as well. Let us start with this: "It was early on Sunday morning when Jesus came back to life," I believe that the keyword in this sentence is when. When is A transitional word and connects the timeline of two events, bringing us from Sunday morning and back to life”. But, aside from being a connecting word, it is also a noun describing an action, in this case, the event of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

We can often find ourselves asking Jesus, "When Lord?" We are in a period of uncertainty, but life has always been uncertain. We have questions about whether or not we are in the last days, but people have always asked this question. "When is my financial struggle going to end?" or "When will my healing take place?" It may seem like when never ends.

The good news, that in this case, 'when' is considered past tense, meaning that the event has already happened. Do you need a Miracle? When? It already took place early one Sunday morning, 2022, years ago when Jesus was born.

Significantly the second part of this verse, "and the first person who saw him was Mary Magdalene" Mary, and I look forward to meeting her one day, in the distant future, that is. There is a misconception about Mary's name. An assault on her reputation by the enemy, just like doubting Thomas; the enemy has tried to destroy the followers with the most faith. Magdalene is possibly an unnamed village in the bible. But it does have another meaning, a special meaning, probably a surname given to her by Jesus just like the Sons of Thunder, it is a title coming from the Hebrew word Migdal-El, tower of God. Her name was a title, "Mary Tower of God!"

Mary Tower of God went to the tomb expecting to prepare a body, but she uncovered an event, a moment when she encountered a life-changing event, the first day of the New Testament event. When is transitional, when is connecting, when is past tense, when is futuristic. When Jesus shows up, He can give you a new name, and He can rename your circumstances, your reputation, your health, your finances, your marriage.

When is now.

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