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Strength Made Perfect

And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are,

and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.

Sometimes as Christians, we will suffer setbacks, the tragic loss of a loved one, behind on bills, loss of a job, divorce, and on and on the trials go. We're never really defeated when it seems like we have suffered defeat. I believe in good sportsmanship, but after a spiritual loss, a failure, I'm not going to shake the devil's hand, tell him good game, and give him a pat on the back. No, I'm going to remind him and his demons about Revelations 20:10. He needs reminding of his ultimate defeat. When Jesus was nailed to the cross, Satan's eternity was sealed forever.

There is only one way the enemy can defeat you, it is called 'choice.' It's your choice to decide to remain in Christ or to quit and walk away. Every trial and hardship a Christian endures has one sole intended purpose: to get you to stop serving Jesus Christ. Only you can walk away. It's your choice. When you get so beat down by the enemy, and all you have left is weakness, congratulations, you've made it to: 2 Corinthians 12:9

My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness.

Praise God! Do you see the cycle? This is how we always walk in victory.

He is: El Nathan Neqamah

The God Who Avenges Me



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