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Psalm 10:14 Lord, I know you see all that they’re doing, noting their each and every deed. You know the trouble and turmoil they’ve caused. Now punish them thoroughly for all that they’ve done! The poor and helpless ones trust in you, Lord, for you are famous for being the helper of the fatherless. I know you won’t let them down.

Have you ever felt all alone, like the world is working against you and you alone? Are you wondering why God is silent while you go through the struggles imposed on you by others? While reading my bible one day, I noticed something, when Zerubbabel was rebuilding the temple, an enemy rose against him named Tattenai. Tattenai was an opposing governor, Tattenai tried to stop the rebuilding of the temple, and he received a decree from King Darius. King Darius told Tattenai that he was to allow the temple reconstruction and that Tattenai had to pay for it out of his treasury or die! At around the same time, even the same King Darius, being tricked by his governors and satraps, had unknowingly created a law that caused Daniel to be thrown into the lions' den. The Lord's angel stopped the lions from harming Daniel. Daniel's enemies were thrown into the lion's den and devoured the next day.

Here is my observation: in both cases, the Lord remained silent, but he was positioning people, preparing favor for a nation through the heart of a king. We have to learn to accept the Lord's silence because you never know what He is preparing for you, whom He has placed in your life; someone you met months ago that you forgot about could be the one that helps you in your situation. Whatever your case may be, God is on your side.

He is: El Haggadol

The Great God



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