The Sovereign Shepherd

Ezekiel 34:31

And ye my flock, the flock of My pasture, are men, and I am your ELOHIYM, says ADONAI YAHUAH.

Cepher Bible

This is scripture is so beautiful when written with the transliteration of the original Hebrew names of God.

It gives us the true meaning of what Father God is conveying to us His Flock.

Here is how I translate the meanings:

And you are My flock, the flock of My pasture, you are My men, and I AM your Mighty Creator, saith The Sovereign Controller, The LORD

We are His Sheep and His pasture is the earth and the fullness thereof. Growing up we had sheep and goats, the sheep are more to themselves and the goats are, to say the least, more problematic. But the funny thing about goats, they will make you laugh with some of the antics they pull.

Sheep on the other hand are always trying to get out of the pasture, they have an amazing ability to find the holes in the fence line and get into the next pasture, at least the ones we had when I was growing up as I child. I spent a lot of time chasing stray sheep, and I hated it.

A friend of mine has goats on his property, and he hates them, he tells me how much trouble they cause, and extra work in having to save them from their own destruction. He tells me they always get their horns caught up in the fence and if he does not come to the rescue they will die.

Take the last two paragraphs and change the word hated and hate into loved and love now you can have an understanding of what Jesus goes through, rescuing the goats and chasing after the lost sheep except, somehow He does it with Love.

Even though sheep and goats are different, they graze side by side, in the same pastures.

If only mankind could do the same.


The Sovereign Controller, The LORD


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