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The Place To Be October 12

The Place To Be October 12

Nahum 1:7

The LORD is good, a strong hold in the day of trouble; and he knoweth them that trust in Him.

Nahum was a blessed prophet of God. He prophesied against the city of Nineveh just like Jonah. The difference was that Nahum was about 150 years after Jonah, and twenty years later, the prophecy came to pass with the destruction of the city. It was so complete that scholars thought the city with over a million residents was a myth until, in the 1800s, they discovered ruins of the city.

He penned this verse about the goodness of God while he prophesied about the destruction to come. A forewarning to those who served God that trusting in God would be their safety.

Nahum was from a small town called Elkoshite. In Arabic, it's called Kafr-Nahum, which means The Village of Nahum located on the Northern coast of the Sea of Galilee. Nahum may have founded the city, or maybe he was just named after his village. In the New Testament, it is referred to as Capernaum.

It was the hometown of a famous tax collector named Mathew; also, the Apostles Peter, Andrew, James & John, all four gospels mention Capernaum. It was the town Jesus used as His headquarters for His ministry… a stronghold.

The Lord is Good, and He can be your stronghold in the day of trouble.

You can Trust in Him.

He is: Migdal Oz

Strong Tower


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