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Strength to the Faint September 19

Isaiah 40:29

He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might He increaseth strength.

Understanding, God has it, when He carried the burden of our sin on the cross, He did this because of two of His many great traits, Love & Understanding. He knew we could never defeat sin on our own, and He knows the burden of the sin we carry. Sometimes we can let our past mistakes weigh us down to the point of weariness or becoming faint, and some Christians refer to these times as being in the wilderness. It’s a place of our own making and a place we go when we get down for some of us.

We do not want to pray, like Adam & Eve trying to hide our ways from God. Or we can face another type of faintness, exhaustion, physical, or mental or demonic attacks of the worse kind.

Years ago, I was going through some emotional times, and I felt like I was a wounded fish in an aquarium filled with piranhas. At every angle, the enemy was applying severe pressure. It was like every fish knew I was injured and would take a painful bite.

Then one morning, I knelt on my knees, and I could feel my veins bulging in my neck from anger. My face must have been beat red. I told God I couldn’t take it anymore, and I needed His help. At that exact moment, I felt His hand reach into my chest and gently squeeze my heart. He didn’t fill my heart with joy or happiness; He filled it with strength. He strengthened me with the power that He gives to the faint.

Instantly I went from anger & weakness to confidence. Suddenly I knew I could get through this. My strength came back, and that’s partly what the word Power means, to give you strength and the ability to get through this.

He is: Rum Rosh

The One Who Lifts My Head


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