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More Than a Conqueror September 14

Romans 8:37

Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.

It’s almost humorous that this verse starts with a negative, the word: Nay. Except, it is in response to some very tragic suffering incurred by fellow Christians long ago.

It reminds me of all the times I have complained to the Lord about challenging situations. Years ago, when our children would get into something, we would sometimes say something like: “No, No, no!” or “ I don’t think so!”

Romans 8 offsets that when you get low on strategy and victory seems far off, the complaints start to speak out. It’s like your Father in Heaven is saying: “No, No, No, I made you more than a conqueror.”

What’s it like to be more than a conqueror? Here’s a great example: A Heavy Weight prizefighter trains all his life to become the champion, he takes thousands of hits, and the physical endurance is punishing every day. Finally, he makes it to the heavyweight championship fight. He fights fifteen rounds and, at the last moment, knocks his opponent out and becomes the champion.

He stands in that ring and lifts the belt above his head in total victory. The promoter hands him a giant check. Then, he goes home and celebrates with his wife, that he loves and trusts. He signs the back of the check and hands it over to her to take care of, and Suddenly, she has just become more than a conqueror!

Sometimes we have to be patient while the Master is in the ring.

He is: Jehovah Gibbor Milchamah

Mighty in Battle


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