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Get To Know God August 6

I John 4:8

He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.

Do you want to know God? This verse is pretty straightforward, but not everyone practices it.

I have a friend named Jerry; he’s gone on to be with the Lord several years ago. Jerry was such a good old guy it would take the whole page to say enough good about him.

But Jerry wasn’t always such a good ole’ boy, and you could tell that he used to be one tough character, a fighter. Then his wife became a Christian, and through her dedication to the Lord, he finally came around.

I talked to my pastor about Jerry, and it seemed so unfair that this tough hard-core man just had a personality change and became a tough old, kind man. Why couldn’t I get a personality infusion like that? My pastor said: “Scott, I don’t know, some people change overnight, and others take years.”

For some, it takes a lot of effort to love people, others not so hard.

Psychology is very complex. I remember doing a psychology study, and the very next day, I went to work, and at that time, I was a city bus driver. So many of the passengers had problems. I felt so much empathy for them; I could understand that many people were indeed a product of their environment. Things that other people had done to them along this path called life. Defense mechanism’s put in place to self-protect, implementations to stop the subsequent potential pain.

I had an understanding, a day of revelation about people. If you are having trouble walking in love towards someone, please pray and ask the Lord to give you understanding, an understanding of what the actual cause is that causes them to be this way.

When you receive this revelation, do not go and share it with others, God is entrusting you to pray for them, and when He can trust you in the little things, He will trust you for more extraordinary things. Intercede for them and ask God to help you love them.

After all, they may be saying the same prayer for you and me.

He is: El Ahavah

The God Who Loves


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