God’s Blueprint

Genesis 15:8-9

And he said, Lord GOD, whereby shall I know that I shall inherit it?

And he said unto him, Take me a heifer of three years old, and a she-goat of three years old, and a ram of three years old, and a turtledove, and a young pigeon.

And Abram said: “Adonai Yehhov’ee” which means: ‘Sovereign and Eternal’

Abram understood that God is self-existent, the beginning and the end, supreme ruler, but he also understood a characteristic about God, an insight a type of understanding that is only learned through love, obedience, and hard-fought battles.

Abram had just defeated five kings, five kings who were ravaging and destroying other kingdoms and cities. Abram gave tithes to Melchizedek and the wealth taken from these five kings he gave back to the victims, and payment to his men. Abram didn’t want to take anything from this battle because He wanted God to have Glory for his great wealth.

Melchizedek the King of Salem was a type of Christ and Jesus came from the order of Melchizedek. Abram did not know or understand the magnitude of his gift towards Melchizedek, he just wanted to do what was right before God’s eyes.

Abram was a man of great wealth, but his greatest wealth was the deep desire to please God, in doing so he became a friend of God, and sometimes friends ask for help. He asks God for a sign, something he can hang onto. Then God tells him to do this, sacrifice these five animals, but why these five?

Here’s the representation of what Abram sacrificed on the alter that day.


Three represents Integration and harmony. I see it as the Unity:

Father, The Son & The Holy Spirit

Heifer: Increased wealth.

Goat: The Curse

Ram: Power, Jesus Christ

Turtle Dove: Innocence, The Holy Spirit

Young Pigeon: Poverty, Starting off life with very little.

It’s like he laid it all on the line, symbolically as though God asks, “Abram are you willing to give me everything?”

Let’s look at it this way, God is eternal, He is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. He’s seen the end before the beginning so let us go back to our beginning.

Pigeon, we start with nothing, Turtle Dove, the Holy Spirit leads us to the Ram, Jesus Christ, Who delivers us from the curse, the Goat, and replaces it with the Heifer, increased wealth, the wealth of the knowledge of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit the unity of Three.

Abram laid out his sacrifice, but in doing so that day, God looking down from heaven above saw a different picture laying on the ground, in the dirt God saw His blueprint for the Salvation through the Cross.

Hebrews 10:14

For by that one offering He made forever perfect in the sight of God all those whom He is making holy.

God has a blueprint for your life, and it is to make you Holy.

He is: El OLAM

The Beginning and The End, Strength to the Weary


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