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Blender Like Faith June 29

2 Timothy 1:6

Wherefore I put thee in remembrance that thou stir up the gift of God, which is in thee by the putting on of my hands.

The apostle Paul had trained Timothy to be a missionary and a pastor. I can almost picture the day Paul placed his hands on Timothy and prayed for him, imparting a spiritual gift. Then sending him out on the Great Commission, I'm sure part of Paul's heart went with him.

I've had great men of God pray for me in the past, and it's very humbling to think that someone from the generation before placed their hand on them and prayed just like the previous generations before. Generations going back to the hands of Paul or even the hands of Jesus!

The churches in Asia were departing from the true gospel, leaving behind the gospel of grace for a false gospel of legalism. Timothy was probably exhausted from all his hard labor being thwarted by people who could not accept the gospel of Jesus.

Paul encouraged Timothy to use the gifts placed within him, stir them up! He reminded Timothy that his mother and grandmother had great faith that was passed down. Can you think of a relative that may have prayed for you, and passed the faith on to you, a friend, a pastor?

When you're exhausted and feel like you have nothing more to give, stir up the Holy Spirit within you by praise and prayer. You have a miracle on the inside of you, and someone needs it.




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