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Your Heart the Deep Sea June 13

Psalm 42:7 Deep calleth unto deep at the noise of thy waterspouts: all thy waves and thy billows are gone over me.

This verse reminds me of a time I worked offshore in the Gulf of Mexico on an oil platform; it was one of my first trips out into the deep blue waters. On this day, there were enormous thunderhead clouds high in the sky. I saw three gigantic waterspouts stretching up to the heavens; it was a spectacular sight. The old-timer I was with said, "Don't worry about them; there just waterspouts." I thought, 'they look a lot like tornados to me!'

Reading this verse reminds me of the sight of those waterspouts. They looked like an old phonograph with the horn reaching to the heavens, the needle running across the turntable of the sea, the waves and the billows look like ridges on a vinyl record.

The deep calling to the deep, but what would God hear?

What sounds could the deep sea have that interest, God?

It's a metaphor of what God looks for when He gazes into your heart, your inner being. Unfortunately, He can only get the authentic sound of your heart when you are being tested. What sounds does God want to hear from your heart?

The sounds of future praise, this sound is the sound of His victory in your life for this psalm goes on to say, 'for I shall yet praise Him.' By saying I shall yet praise Him, David has proclaimed his faith in God. No matter how hard it gets, let the Lord hear these words in your heart, "For I will praise Him!"

For the deep calleth unto the deep, tHe's calling out to your heart.

He is: El Chay

The God of my life.


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