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God's Banking System June 12

God's Banking System June 12

Jeremiah 3:15

And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.

This scripture is talking about the final reign of Christ. When everything has come to completion, God still sees a need for pastors to govern his church.

The importance of a pastor and belonging to a church should never be taken for granted. God chooses pastors to feed and nourish His sheep. Your pastor may not be the most eloquent or flamboyant speaker, but God has him there for a purpose. We may not always see the goal, but that pastor has something that God wants to instill inside you.

I remember going to a church when I was helping the pastor as much as I could. He wasn’t happy, and he wanted to leave the church. He told me that one day on his trip home, he stopped at a rest area sat down at a table to take a break and some kittens were left abandoned. He said he felt sorry for them and fed them what food he had to give. The Lord spoke to him and said something like, “You’ve fed the kittens now feed My sheep.”

Unbelievably he still quit the church and told me on the way out, “You’re the pastor now.” I knew I wasn’t called to be a pastor at that time, and I was left with many hurt people to care for. The pressure is immense on the pastor, and your presence should be an encouragement to them. For one day, they will stand before the Lord and give an account of you and your actions.

Make good deposits to your account; after all, your pastor will be the teller.

He is: El Roi

The God Who Sees Me


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