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The Day God Listens June 3

Psalm 77: 1-3

I CRIED out to God with my voice-

To God with my voice; and He gave ear to me. In the day of trouble, I sought the Lord; My hand was stretched out in the night without ceasing; My soul refused to be comforted. I remembered God, and was troubled; I complained, and my spirit was overwhelmed.


Notice the words: ‘I CRIED’ are in caps, it’s like Asaph the writer is wanting you to know the depths of his anguish right from the start. But first, let’s see who Asaph was and why he would grieve to this point of anguish.

Asaph was a Levite and appointed by King David to be the chief priest to help carry the arc of the covenant back to Jerusalem. He was a prophet who wrote Psalms 50, & 73-83.

Psalm 83 is called an Imprecatory prayer. This is a Holy Spirit filled prayer that is invoking a prophetic curse against Israel’s enemies. The Hebrews are still waiting for the day that this prophecy will be fulfilled. I remember years ago a bible was found in an Irish bog it was extremely old and wrapped in a leather case when they opened it was opened to Psalm 83. Many people thought that this was a sign that the third world war was about to take place! Asaph still has some clout to this day.

So why was Asaph so troubled? No one knows why but be of good cheer! There’s a reason why we are left in the dark about his troubles so that we couldn’t relate to one single problem, this is an open blank for your benefit; sort of like Paul’s thorn in his side. “My Grace is sufficient for thee.”

Asaph stayed up all night praying with his hands stretched toward the heavens seeking his answer. His mind was in torment about his problems & then he says, “I remembered God and was troubled” How can you remember God and be troubled? Easy you start thinking, ‘Jesus all you have to do is say one word and all my problems are gone.’ But yet the Lord will often remain silent during these times. Because when a student takes a test the teacher remains silent.

But now he makes a mistake and he has God’s ear but instead of Praise and Thankfulness, he complains to God, suddenly like a dry desert wind his spirit is overwhelmed. Then he says, Selah which means: Pause and think about that.

Suddenly his eyes open and he remembers God from the former days, all the days of victory, the wonders of old, how God parted the Red Sea so that His children could escape! When you start Thanking God and remembering the many times He has saved you from disaster, well get me my dancing shoes! My problem is solved, and my victory is at hand!

It’s your turn to win. Selah

He is: Entunchano

The God Who Intercedes


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