Willing and Obedient

Isaiah 1:19

If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land:

You’ve probably read this verse before, I know it seems so simple and, yet it takes the Holy Spirit to reveal the meaning behind it.

You see this verse is totally about the Holy Spirit and you. Two key words Willing and Obedient but how? My life has taken a drastic change since I started following this life success scripture.

Being willing, willing for what? Be willing to allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you, and through you. Many times, the Holy Spirit has asked me to give a prophetic word to someone or to do something for Him. Truthfully every time it takes a step of Faith to follow through with the request. Often it makes no sense to me as to why.

The words are sometimes confusing to me, but to the person receiving it, it makes a lot of sense, and sometimes it makes no sense to that person. If this happens, ask for understanding.

Once I prayed for a young man, I saw a picture of him sitting at a loom spinning & I told him what I saw, then I said: “You’re spinning the Fruit of the Loom.” Needless to say, everyone laughed at me including him. But a few minutes later the Spirit of Prophecy landed on that young man and he started to prophesy and couldn’t stop everyone that came near him was getting a word from God! It was incredible they even announced it from the pulpit. I have never seen that before it was like being in the old testament.

Being Obedient to relay the message is key, it allows you to be trusted more by the Holy Spirit and builds your trust in Him. If you mess up it is ok everyone does learn from your mistakes and pray on.

He is: Yahweh-Channun

God of Grace


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