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The Lord my Father April 22

Psalm 103:13

The Lord is like a Father to His children, tender and compassionate to those who fear Him.

So many times, over the past few years the Lord has graciously applied this scripture to me. There's been times while praying for someone that I have missed it, prophetically that is. Sometimes when I make a mistake I see a vision of a little child twelve or thirteen months old, a toddler. The child has fallen and with his upstretched arms he toddles back to his Father, that is all there is to it, and I know what it means.

The Father never scolds the child for falling, instead he comforts him and then encourages him to walk again and praises him for his next little accomplishment, no matter how small.

He doesn't remind the child of his past failures, but instead looks forward to the days when the child can run on his own. In the back of our minds knowing that we will miss the toddler days because they were so sweet and precious, but were so proud of what they have become as an adult.

If you are led by the Lord to reach out and pray for someone and you should stumble in prayer, don't think that God is mad at you and just give up for good. Know that God the Father can make it right, ask him to correct your steps and pray on.

He is: Abba



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