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Take the Leap of Faith April 20

Hebrews 11:1

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

Faith; the first work you do for the Lord. By faith, we believed in Jesus. Jesus was the one who gave you faith. Hebrews 12:2 Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith.

Many of us start on fire for the Lord, wanting to do everything so that we can give back to the one who gave so much for us. But the world has a way of keeping you down.

I recently watched a video of two lions, a male, and a female. They were at a safari park, but instead of a fence, a 12 to 15-foot-deep trench surrounded the lions. The lions were lying on the grass, watching the tourists pass by. As the tourists traveled by, the instincts of the female lioness kicked in, and she wanted to hunt. She crouched and looked at the tourists as they rolled slowly by, then she poorly leaped off the grass and didn’t even come close to clearing the mote. She landed down inside the pit; at first, the tourists gasped as the lion began its leap, then began to laugh at her fall. I’m confident the lion hit bottom hard. Then you could hear the people laugh and talk about the lion’s leap. They thought it was crazy for the lion to make a failed attempt.

I noticed the huge male lion lying down on the green grass, calmly watching everything and not caring that the other lion had fallen into a pit. As I listened, I observed that no one talked about the male lion, the strong male encircled by an empty trench, all the power any animal could have, and the ability to clear the empty mote, but no desire to try.

Then I thought, ‘they wouldn’t have laughed if that female made it across the trench; their laughter would have been shouts of fear, angry words, and pounding the side of the vehicle to scare her off.’

That probably would have scared her off too, but maybe not; after all, they would have been her prize. For some reason, I think if she tries hard enough and learns what mistakes she made on her previous attempts, she will clear the moat one day.

Faith, she doesn’t even know what that is, but she has it. Don’t let your failed attempts make you sit in the church pew. That’s the way the enemy would have it.

Jesus is the Finisher of your Faith, and that’s the way He would have it. People will always put you down and even mock you, mainly because they fear anyone who tries to jump the trench and succeed for the Lord.

He is: Alpha and Omega

The First and the Last


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