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Hope Deferred November 14

Proverb 13:12

Hope that is deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life.

Let's look at some words here to get into the meaning. Hope does not mean to Wish. Hope is to be patient, stay, trust, wait.

Hope means that we are patiently expecting. What are we expecting? For the desired outcome, please do not hope for a bad result for someone else.

Deferred, to sound, to prolong, develop, continue, scatter, to stretch out.

Now suddenly, this has become a fascinating word usage.

To sound: means to take a line and drop it over the side of a boat and see how deep the water is, to measure the depths of the water.

Stretch out: Why would God stretch out your expectancy? So that He can see your heart. Heart is also used widely for the feelings, the will, and even the intellect, the center of anything: The center of your emotions, will, strength, understanding, wisdom, and mind.

Sick, to be rubbed or worn (polished,) to be weak, sick, afflicted;

to grieve, to be sorry, to be wounded.

Desire A longing, a delight, desire, exceedingly pleasant.

Psalm 37:4

Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.

Taking this verse, we can get a better understanding of Proverbs 13:12. By combining these two verses for an expectation. When God gives you the desires of your heart, this has a dual message.

First: He places that desire in your heart.

Second: He gives you that desire.

So why would God give you a desire and then allow it to be delayed?

Remember the word sick, to be rubbed or worn (or polished)

As I was typing this, I saw a vision of the Holy Spirit polishing a vessel. What I interpret this to mean is that God wants to see the true beauty of your heart, not as we negatively think, that He is trying to uncover the wickedness of your heart, but the beauty. You never polish a vessel to see the damage but to reveal the beauty, Selah.


The Lord our Righteousness


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