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God is Listening... December 26

2 Kings 13:5

Then the Lord gave Israel a deliverer, so that they escaped from under the hand of the Syrians; and the Children of Israel dwelt in their tents as before.

A prayer from King Jehoahaz, Jehoahaz did evil in the sight of the Lord. In the proceeding verse, he pleaded with God to deliver him and his kingdom from the oppression of Syria. Verse four states, 'The Lord Listened.'

It gets complicated with the dual kingdoms of Judah and Israel at the same time. They were family, but they were enemies, two domains from the same household. A divided house and big brother Israel was in defeat.

It shows a man that had turned his back on God all his life, his working career. But at the last of his days, he asks God for help. It took him a long time to run out of options. Everything was exhausted, except for the power of a broken heart.

If that's the only thing you have left that you can give God, God will take it and create a victory, a way where there seems to be no way. Notice He sent a deliverer; scholars believe this was his son Jehoash who conquered Syria.

But in our lives, He sent His Son Jesus, who in turn sent us the Holy Spirit. I feel like God left the identity of the deliverer unnamed, unseen working on Jehoahaz's behalf, just like the Holy Spirit will work on your behalf when you cry out to the Son for help. It doesn't matter how complicated things are in your life, how far down you've gone. God can do it!

The sad thing is that Israel did not turn from their sins after God had saved them. Please don't make that mistake, Be Thankful, ask Him how to remove the things out of your life that caused the defeat to begin with, and find rest.

He is: Elohim Shama

The God Who Hears


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