Plant Your Cross

Stake Your Cross

I Peter 5:8

Be sober, be vigilant; Because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.

Notice this scripture doesn’t say, ‘he is a roaring lion’ it says he acts like a roaring lion. He will use people to intimidate you every chance he gets.

Recently the Lord told me to go to Detroit and plant a cross at the Packard car plant. The Packard plant has been shut down for more than fifty years. And was purchased by a wealthy real estate tycoon from Peru. But before Judy and I left, the Lord told me He would provide me with a cross.

When we arrived at the specific building the Lord wanted me to be, immediately a security guard approached us and in no uncertain terms told me that I was not allowed to enter the property. However, this building was not legally owned by the realtor. The city of Detroit said it was not included in the purchase of the plant. The security guard assured me that it was their property and do not cross this line.

Well one obstacle in front of us, like a roaring lion trying to hinder our assignment. Now I needed a cross and we were running out of time. Judy and I went to the lumber store and department stores but we couldn’t find a cross.

Then Packard Al called me, He is a rugged old Christian man that lives in an abandoned warehouse at the plant. (Directly behind the building I needed.) He was waiting for us to arrive, I explained to him our dilemma about not being able to buy a cross. He told us to come over and he would build one.

When we arrived at his home (?) we found two pieces of cedar wood, that had the redwood stain. They were just sitting among the rusted old metal so out of place in front of his building on top of something like they were waiting for us.

We fashioned a cross, and as we put it together I told Mr. Packard Al what the security guard had told us. We were not allowed on the property. He told us that parcel was city property and they could not stop us from going on it. He was very sure of himself and confident in his authority, and he knew they had no authority over this piece of land.

So, from the back entrance we walked onto the property, trusting in Al’s authority. In full view of three security guards, they were not too happy about our presence there. They became vocal but did not approach us.

Two obstacles down and a new obstacle before us. Now we needed a way to stand the cross up, it was all pavement. Last year the Lord had told me to build an alter on this very site and to consecrate the land for the Lord. As I looked for the altar made from rocks, I couldn’t find it. But I noticed a sinkhole about the size of a basketball under a piece of plywood. (I would not be lying if I said that I think it was exactly where I placed the altar!)

The cross slipped down into that sinkhole perfectly, we slid the plywood over to hold it into position. 75 feet away I could hear the security guard saying “What are they doing!” But they wouldn’t approach us. We poured olive oil on the cross and prayed consecrating this ground as Holy ground for the Lord.

When we finished, Packard Al walked ten feet over and pointed to some painted gravel that looked as though they had been painted red. He told me that this was the place that Witches came and met and that it gave them a coded message into which building to go in for their rituals (What he saw was a Satanic cult sign.) He had observed them on occasions entering the plant late at night.

But here is why I chose the verse above, the symbolism. The real estate tycoon claims to have legal ownership of the land. The security guards enforce the disputed claim with verbal threats of fear. Packard Al knew his authority, more importantly, he knew their lack of authority. We walked with Al placing faith in his authority and took back what the enemy has taken from the Lord.

The next morning as Judy was praying, she felt as though we hadn’t done enough, and the Lord spoke to her and said, “I provided the cross, and I provided the hole.” She knew then that the symbolism in the spirit, was where the battle took place.

God has plans for that property, and He has plans for you.

He is: "Jehovah Jireh"

“God My Provider”



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