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Faithful in the Least April 12

Luke 16:10

He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much: and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much.

People always equate this scripture to ministry, and it certainly does apply to ministry but its application should be considered too many other areas of life.

I remember a true story about a man, the vice-president of a very prestige’s company. He was about to receive a promotion to president. As he and the president went out to lunch at the company cafeteria to discuss business, while in line, the president noticed that the vice president hid a 3 cent piece of butter underneath a slice of bread. When they reached the cashier to check out the man did not reveal the butter to her.

The next day when all the board members were present and ready to vote for the new president. The president told them the story of what he witnessed in the checkout line. He told the board members that he did not want this man to succeed him and stated: “If he can’t be trusted in the small things, he can’t be trusted with the big things!” The board listened to him and went on to vote in another person for the position.

Do not despise small beginnings, you never know where they may take you. I used to tell my salespeople that all the time. A small sale to a little house could be the grandmother to an owner of a huge business.

Sin has the same impact, play around with a little and it will lead to something a little bigger, until your caught up in something that took you farther than you thought possible, wondering how you ever got there.

If the Lord asks you to do something that seems trivial, jump on it with all your gusto! Because He wants to see you faithful in much! God is for your success!

He is: El-HaNe’eman

The God Who Is Faithful


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