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The Secret to Having a Great Day! April 13

Psalm 143:8

Cause me to hear thy loving kindness in the morning; for in thee do I trust: cause me to know the way wherein I should walk; for I lift up my soul unto thee.

What a Great Way to start your day! Ask God to set the conditions for you to hear His loving kindness in the morning. It’s a very interesting choice of words to say: “cause.”

Cause means to: produce an effect, or set a condition. Imagine waking up in the morning and asking God to set your conditions so that He can show His Loving Kindness to you, sounds really selfish, doesn’t it?

But God can do it, He’s never too busy to help you understand who He is. But you can help Him with setting the conditions by reading your bible first thing in the morning, even if it is just a chapter or two. This gives the Holy Spirit something to draw on for you throughout the day.

One time Judy and I were babysitting some small children and we took them to the park to play. There were several children, and I was enjoying watching them all play. Then one child fell and started to cry, Judy said: “watch this.” As the parent attended the crying child all the other children in the playground gathered around in a circle, observing the other child making sure the child was going to be okay. Looks of concerns filled all those little faces, it was so precious. When the child stopped crying all the children went back to playing.

Judy told me, that little children do this when another one gets hurt. To me it was innocent compassion. Somehow, I saw how God intended for man to be, and by this little demonstration, I saw His Loving Kindness.

His Loving Kindness will produce and affect the way in which you walk. During the course of the day, you may have to decide about doing the right thing, someone gives you too much money back at the checkout line. You return the extra money because you know that honesty is the way you should walk.

King David wrote this Psalm. David was above most everyone else when it came to lifting up his soul to God. How did David lift up his soul to God? By praise and Worship of the Most High, remembering all the times God had saved him before. When you start singing to God you will lift up your soul.

Have A Blessed Day, a day filled with His Loving Kindness!

He is: Jehovah- Ra’ah

The Lord Is My Shepherd


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