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The God Who Saves December 19

Psalm 118:5

I called on the Lord in my distress. The Lord answered me and set me in a broad place.

Recently, while visiting California, I did my morning bible study while looking out over Stoney Creek. You can’t see the creek from there because the woods are so thick.

When I was a young child, we used to play in those woods all day and night, running up and down the pathways that we knew so well. I never once got lost. I even remember helping another boy out of the woods that was utterly lost and scared, crying out for help. I just brought him to a place and pointed him down the right path. The path eventually led back to the city, the broad place, safety.

I remember thinking: “How could he have been so lost, being so close to the correct path?”

Proverbs 5:21

For the ways of a man are before the Lord. And He ponders all his paths.

God will allow you to run around in the woods following whatever path you will to take, I use the word will because you have free will, a choice:

II Peter 2:9

Then the Lord knows how to deliver the godly out of temptations and to reserve the unjust under punishment for the day of judgment for the day of punishment.

If that young boy had not cried out for help, I would have just walked right past him that day. So close to salvation, but silence would have stranded him. People remain silent for various reasons; pride is probably the number one reason.

Once I placed the young man on the correct path, he had to do his part. He had to stay on the path to get back to town. It makes me laugh to think about it; he had to pass along a path that had a ditch on one side and a hot wire fence on the other, not much room for error. I can’t tell you how many times that hot wire fence zapped my friends and me? I don’t remember falling into the ditch, but the ditch was evident, and the hot wire was hard to see. Same with sin, it looks like a good thing to grab ahold of until it grabs you.

How do you avoid the pitfalls in life?

II Timothy 2:15

Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

Not being ashamed something we all strive to achieve. Rightly dividing the word of truth. Spend time reading the bible every day, it will come alive and become the living word in you. It will become your friend that helps you stay on the right path.

He is: El Moshaah

The God Who Saves



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