"The God Who Sees Me"

Proverbs 23:10

Do not remove the ancient landmark,

Nor enter the fields of the fatherless.

Landmarks were boundaries set up by the people of Israel to mark their territory. It defined the outer edge of your property lines. It is still the same system we use today except we have lasers and marker posts.

It's a sin to remove a boundary line and sin is pretty easy to do. Your building a fence between you and your neighbor he'll never notice that your fence is a foot farther onto his property line but God will. And God is Just.

What about other boundaries? Boundaries of someone's reputation? Their spouse, or their children? It's easy to whisper a comment that starts a spark that starts a fire. That can ruin a reputation that has been hard earned. No one will notice, but God will and God is Just.

Cut a joke to your friend about his wife and create a spark of jealousy in a marriage.

One time my pastor was eating at a restaurant for lunch and when he left he forgot to pay his bill, the waitress asked my neighbor if she knew that man? And told him that he forgot to pay his bill when he left. My neighbor said, "Oh that's pastor so & so, I know he just forgot he's very honest, let me pay it for him."

You see that's how you protect someone's Landmark. He could have just as easily told the lady the church name and let her call. But by paying for the pastor's lunch he reinforced the pastor's good reputation by showing that he was worth picking up his tab.

Do you remember Johnny Appleseed? He wasn't just a cartoon character; he was an actual nurseryman named John Chapman. John traveled up and down the Northern states, selling and planting apple trees.

Times were way harder back then and apples provided a wide variety of food products. Once he came across a young boy and his sister. The two children were orphans living in a log cabin alone after both their parents had died. He could have easily taken advantage of this young orphaned family, but instead he chose to set them up in business with their own apple orchard. He supplied the trees and allowed them to make repayments once the crops came in. He not only gave them food but he also gave them a way to make a living.

That's how you bless an orphan, and God blessed John by giving him a good reputation amongst the settlers of his day. And his legend lives on.

Don't break down Landmarks, be a Landmark in someone's life. I have a little motto I go by,

"A simple act of kindness."

He is: "El Roi"

"The God Who Sees Me"


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