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Adversity Brings Joy January 21

Ecclesiastes 7:14 In the day of Prosperity be joyful, But in the day of adversity consider: Surely God has appointed the one as well as the other, So that man can find out nothing that will come after him.

It’s easy to get excited about the first part of this sentence, who wouldn’t? I pray you have many joyful days throughout your life. I remember once I was driving down the road and I prayed (paraphrased) “Lord Theo’s turning sixteen and he needs a car, OH NO! DawnMarie is turning eighteen and she needs a car!) I went from one car to needing two cars in one single prayer. DawnMarie had returned to Louisiana to finish her senior year of high school and graduate with her friends while Theo was up here in Tennessee separating us by 634 miles.

I had no idea what to do, then just two or three nights later, some friends came to the house after work. They had bought a new car and felt that the Lord wanted them to give their old car to Theo and not to trade it in. Judy informed me that family from Louisiana called and wanted to give us a car as well! Theo’s car was in our driveway and DawnMarie’s car was less than one mile from her house!

I was so Happy! I told several people at work and they were amazed. I would say “God can hit straight with a crooked stick!”

It was easy to be joyful that day. But another time the weight of the world was on my shoulders I needed money to cover the house note I wasn’t worried, but I was getting depressed from the length of this particular trial. I asked the Lord what to do? He said “Listen to your bible” I thought this was peculiar since I normally read my bible. I remembered, 'well I have some earbuds in my desk drawer' which even though I’m at my desk every day I really don’t open it much. When I opened my desk drawer, I saw a bank envelope and there was $1000.00 in it! With a note that said: God told me to give this to you, That’s all. No telling how long it had been in my desk drawer I made the house payment with a day to spare.

I was Thankful and amazed at how God works, but I knew the Lord would take care of me, He always has.

But you see God sets the day of adversity next to the day of joy, why is that? Because if you didn’t have adversity you would never know true joy. You can’t have the one without the other. And we never know what tomorrow may bring.

He is: El Shaddai

The All Sufficient One


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