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His Glory is in the Rainbow January 29

His Glory is in the Rainbow January 29

Genesis 9:13

I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for thee a token of a covenant between me and the earth.

It is an amazing covenant that God created with man. God has just flooded the earth and now He is making the: ‘Noahic Covenant’ and these were some of the conditions to the new covenant:

1) Re-Populate the earth, 2) Given rule over the animals, 3) Capital Punishment, 4) No more floods, 5) The Sign of the Bow.

The Bow or what we call the 'Rainbow' was promised to all posterity as a sign that God would never again flood the earth. Here are some interesting facts and symbolisms about the rainbow:

It's a spectrum of seven colors, and seven represents God's number of completion.

Red: Blood, bloodshed for sin

Orange: Warning, moving towards sin

Yellow: Welcoming, Spirit of God

Green: Righteousness, Life, Growth

Blue: Heavenly, Spiritual, Jesus

Indigo: Covering, clothing Bride of Christ

Violet: Justification

A bow is a weapon, an instrument of judgment, quick judgment especially if you’re on the wrong end of an arrow. Notice how God positions the bow if you are looking toward skyline or horizon as the string, (the treetops) the arch of the bow pointing upwards towards heaven in effect, God is re-directing Judgement back at Himself.

Red represents sin and is positioned on top and Violet at the bottom which represents justification, it seems that God takes the judgment of sin and covers us with justification.

Now, from top to bottom lets place the spiritual meaning of the colors into a symbolic sentence:

'With the Bloodshed for sin, after the warning has been given, with His Welcoming Spirit, He will bring; Righteousness, Life, Growth, from our Lord Jesus who will cover the Bride of Christ and Bring Justification!'

He is: El Hakkavod

The God of Glory


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