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Wrestling for your Blessing February 7

Genesis 32:24

And Jacob was left alone; and there wrestled a man with him until the breaking of the day.

This is the encounter Jacob had with God before crossing the Jabbok river. In my mind’s eye I can see Jacob looking at a stranger that approaches him in his time of great fear. Jacob was fleeing Laban from behind, and now he has to face his brother Esau who has sworn to murder him. Picture this, Jacob is left alone on the riverbank staring down a stranger in the middle of the night.

Have you ever had such a huge problem in life that it feels like you’re wrestling with God? Or worse yet the opponent of God? Jacob is about to encounter his worst fear Esau, and then God shows up in the form of a man? And now we have to wrestle until the break of day. Problem upon problem and now this? But Jacob new somehow that this was a divine encounter that he had to wrestle through.

They began to wrestle, have you ever wrestled with your children and let them win to build their confidence, and then bestowed a title on them like wrestling champion of the household?

It’s obvious that God let Jacob win, because he reaches down and dislocates his thigh But Jacob still would not quit. And the reward was much greater than he could imagine! Your name is no longer Jacob, but Israel. And he blessed him there. Wow! a nation is born!

Blessed, did you know that it means God’s favor? But it also means to be wounded. Once I had a man come up to me, he didn’t say a word and as he approached me the Holy Spirit said “He has been Blessed with the Trials of Life!”

Sometimes you have to wrestle in prayer for your victory. But the next day something amazing happened! When Israel met big brother Esau, brotherly love kicked in instead of revenge.

Israel was never the same, he limped everywhere as reminder of who he was. It’s hard to do but sometimes we have to say, “Thank you father for this trial, I know it’s for my Blessing.”

Because God believes you will win.

He is: Entunchano

The God Who Intercedes


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