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Couple from Sweden January 2

Proverbs 25:11

Like apples of gold in settings of silver Is a word spoken at the right time.

This couple from Sweden was one of my favorite miracles at Prayer Stop. One morning Judy and I were delivering food boxes to the homeless, when we returned this couple was waiting with another man in the parking lot. I overheard one man say: “That’s him” in a thick Scandinavian type accent, he quickly said goodbye and left.

The couple said they needed prayer. We already had everything set up at Prayer Stop so we sat down and began to minister to them. The tragic story they told me just left me quiet for a moment.

Making their way back to Sweden, coming from California where their 23-year-old daughter had been tragically killed in a traffic accident. Traveling to the United States to recover her body. I would assume they stopped to mourn and heal with some friends in Murfreesboro. Continuing on their way to catch a flight back to Sweden from Nashville. Prayer Stop was to be managed in, in hopes that the Lord would do something; they heard there was a man that prayed for people here.

And yet there was one more thing that was very deep hurt to them. Twenty years ago as a couple they helped a pastor begin a new church. Recently while all this was happening he switched his protestant church to another religious denomination. With no warning or indication, he had made this change. In a short period of weeks, it seemed as though everything most loved was gone.

I marveled within myself at the strength they had to go on. Imagine losing your daughter or child that was doing so well and so successful at a young age, your church, your place of comfort gone at the most needed time.

They came looking for a miracle and God didn’t disappoint. As we prayed I remember saying “Because the enemy has done this to your child and your church: This will not be lost, you are to start your own church in your home. Because he has done this to your child you will minister to young people of this age group.”

As I looked up I saw they were both crying and then I looked to my right and this young man was standing next to me with a backpack. I did not know he was next to me. I just said “Hello, can we help you?” I had no idea he was there he was just silently praying alongside us. He said “I need prayer and a ride.”

I have learned when it’s time to get out of the way and let the Holy Spirit do what He can only do. So I said “This is the couple to help you then!” I stood up and walked off. They spoke with the young man and prayed with him and offered to give him a ride. As you can see in the picture above, all three were very happy.

To be quite honest I took this picture in case something happened to the couple, I had no idea who this young man was. Makes me laugh to think about it now.

Afterwards I wondered how they came to find me? That part of the story is amazing as well. A Christian missionary to China had told them about me. In Detroit, I met Janice Bugg she is a member of the church that they attended in Murfreesboro. Janice later called me and told me how the connection was made. She said that she heard the couple said that our encounter had changed their lives.

One Word from the Lord at just the right moment can change a life forever.

Thank you Holy Spirit

He is: "Jehovah Rapha"

"The Lord Who Heals"


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