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Have a Battle Plan December 14

2 Chronicles 14:2

And Asa did that which was good and right in the eyes of the LORD his God:

If all I was allowed from my life was one sentence to be left behind, this would be it, except I would replace Asa’s name with mine.

How do you do good and right in the eyes of the LORD?

Asa didn’t just wake up one day and understand what God was all about. He knew the ways of the Lord, His likes, and Dislikes. Through personal study and time in prayer and in-depth knowledge of the Ten Commandments. Asa knew what to do when his turn came to be king. He had a plan before he took the position.

Leadership is something you learn long before it is achieved, and faith is cultured before it is tried.

Asa’s economic plan was to trust in the Lord and get rid of all the evil, and when he did, God gave the land rest from all the enemies.

Eventually, Asa had to go battle with the Ethiopians, who had come against his kingdom. Asa set up his battle plan, positioning his warriors for the fight, and prayed before his men and God in humility. His battle prayer “Help us, O Lord our God; for we rest on thee, and in thy name, we go against this multitude.”

He had personal knowledge and a relationship with God. Back to verse 2, did you notice the use of double words in this scripture? Good and Right, The LORD his God, this is called pleonasm where two similar words are placed together for effect. The Holy Spirit wants us to know good and right go together, the LORD, our God, are two of the same expressions which personalize Asa’s relationship with,

He is: Yahuah Elohayu

The Lord his God



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