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Bottled Water August 19

II Timothy 2:21

If a man, therefore, purges himself from these things, he shall be a vessel unto honor, sanctified, and profitable for the master's use, and prepared unto every good work.

Have you ever marveled at some of these ministries that exceptional men have built? We know that they have loads of charisma and intellect. Frankly, I wish I had half as much charm and intelligence as some of these great generals of the Lord.

But we are all vessels made for the Lord's use, some are small, and some are huge, and we all hold the same oil, the oil of the Holy Spirit.

I used to deliver bottled water for a living, and the water bottles came in many different sizes; 16 oz, half-gallons, one-gallons, three- gallons, and five-gallon bottles. Each bottle had its own level of difficulty when carrying it or moving it to another location. I noticed some homes in Louisiana would have cisterns that held hundreds of gallons of water, and they never moved. The cisterns functioned in their capacity to serve the members of the household.

If you think that you are too small to be of any use to the Lord, remember it's much easier to move a three-gallon bottle than a cistern. Jesus will often place you at the moment where you can give a word of encouragement, a prayer, or a simple act of kindness that He can use to water someone's seed.

Your words count, your prayers matter, they matter to God, and He loves to answer them. You get the choice on whether or not you can be a vessel to the Lord, a vessel of honor, prepared unto every good work, and remember it's His water that you pour out when you share His name.

He is: Maqowr Chay Mayim

Fountain of Living Waters


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