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Jesus Never Fails July 3

1Corinthians 13:7-8

Beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things.

Charity (Love) never faileth:

Years ago, while living in Louisiana, I stopped at the Sears store to pick up something I had ordered. As I was waiting for the item to be delivered, I started a conversation with a young man from Pakistan. He was missing an arm from the shoulder. He told me that he was here going to college and was excited about his new bike since he walked a couple of miles to campus every day.

I thought about it for a moment and then asked him, “How are you going to get the bike home?” He said, “I’ll just ride it from here; it’s not that far.” I explained that I didn’t think that this bike came put entirely together because it was being shipped to this location.

Almost as if on cue, a few moments later, the bike came out in a huge box. The shocked look said it all, the young man was stranded, and there was no way he could carry that box home having just one arm. I told him not to worry; I would be glad to give him a ride, so we loaded the bike in the trunk of my car and drove him to his apartment.

Along the way, he told me he was working his way through college, hoping for a better future back home. I was struck most by his determination, self-independence, and polite personality. When I dropped him off at his apartment, I asked him how he would put the bike together and would he like me to come to help him assemble it?

He declined, said he would be able to do it and sincerely thanked me for my help. As tears welled up in my eyes, I thought, ‘No, Thank you.’

I had learned a lesson in humility and determination from him that I have never forgotten.

Jesus Christ is Love (Charity) He bears all things, He believeth all things, (this means He believes in you, He knows what you can be and what you can be) He created all things, and He will never fail you!

Because despite what the world has to say about you, Love Never Fails, and Jesus Christ is Love.

He is: Elohim Ahavah

The God Who Loves


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