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Free from Fear June 20

Acts 12:6

And when Herod would have brought him forth, the same night Peter was sleeping between two soldiers, bound with two chains: and the keepers before the door kept the prison.

King Herod is on a killing spree, he has the apostle James, and now his eyes are set on killing Peter. Herod seeks the approval of man more than the approval of God. In verse 12, it tells us that many were gathered together in prayer on behalf of Peter. I am sure they were praying for Peter's release. Their prayers were so effective that Jesus sent one of His angels to rescue His friend Peter.

Suddenly Peter is standing at the front gate, a damsel named Rhoda, which, by the way, damsel means a young unmarried girl of noble birth, see's Peter and rushes back into the house to tell those praying that he is outside. They tell her she's gone crazy, and then in this strange sort of agreement lacking faith, they say it's probably his angel as if Peter were already dead.

Now we see that they have been praying, but we know that faith doesn't seem to be what they are standing for. Otherwise, they would have rushed to the gate and not have said such callous words.

So that leaves us to ask the question, 'Who had the faith?' The answer is, Peter did. Peter is facing certain death, in prison with a total of 16 guards charged with keeping him, two were bound to him with chains on either side, and Peter is sound asleep. It's a far cry from Mathew 26:69 when he denied Christ to a young maid, maid: in this case, means a servant girl or a female slave.

How can you sleep so soundly when you know that you will be beheaded the next day? Faith, Peter has become the man that Jesus called him to be, no longer in fear of death. The angel has to kick him in the side to wake him up!

Now when he comes to the gate, in only a way that Jesus could arrange. Imagine Peter's delight when the young maiden comes to the gate, Peter with a glowing smile, confronts a damsel of noble birth, a young lady with a life of promise.

Whereas before, when he denied Christ, he faced a maiden, a female slave with a life of bondage. Yes, Peter was set free by a promise of deliverance that only God can keep.

He is: Jehovah-Palat



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