How Deep are your Hurts?

John 4: 26

Jesus saith unto her, I that speak unto thee am he.

Most of us are familiar with this story, it’s ‘The woman at the well.’ What causes me to marvel about this is that she is the first-person Jesus plainly tells, a woman, a Samaritan, that He is the Messiah.

While in Haiti once, I watched a young orphan girl throw a bucket into the well and draw water. The well looked deep and somehow had this lonely feeling about it. When you look down into his shallow dark abyss, it can cause you to reflect on things.

I’m sure this ‘lady at the well’ reflected many times when she cast her bucket into the deep well, her hurts were deeper than the water level. People tend to cast her into a slot when they read this story. She probably had five husbands and they all left her because of her bad attitude. More than likely some had passed away from illness or age, others just left.

Currently, she lives with a man, not marrying, no, there’s too much hurt connected with that commitment. Preachers say she goes to the well at mid-day because of her shame. I say she goes because she has had enough of people, with the judgmental looks, the whispered gossip that can only come from someone who has never empathized with her deep hurts.

But today The Father, The Holy Spirit, and The Son have another reflection for her, it’s called: “Grace.” When you read the whole story notice how Jesus persuades the conversation, He confronts the legalism of her view, coincidently legalism places people into bondage. Her reaction is curiosity, but how? How can you get me out of this bondage? Then Jesus positions a test of truthfulness and she passes! Praise God, she didn’t lie, she skirted around her deepest hurt. Now the Lord reveals to her that He knows her deepest pain, but He does it gracefully, He’s not out to condemn, He’s there to edify.

In a picturesque way, we can see what is in her heart, what she has been holding, where to worship? Are we as a people not good enough to worship in Jerusalem?

Basically, where do I go to worship and find God? Others are doing the act of worship, but she is seeking Who to worship by finding the true place of worship.

Then Jesus reveals to her it’s not a place, it’s “in Spirit and in Truth.”

Suddenly, you can see the wheels turning in her mind, as she asks about the Messiah, the Christ, Jesus responds, “ I that speak unto thee am he.”

The lady at the well left, leaving her waterpot behind because she’s coming back and she’s bringing a crowd! Jesus’s first revival, she goes straight to the men of the city and tells them I have found the Messiah. They come out and believe, not wanting to give her any credit they tell her it’s not because of her testimony, it’s because they heard for themselves.

My thoughts on what the men of the city said to her? Well, welcome to the ministry sister, some things will never change. But, I’m sure that in heaven there are many Samaritans that are grateful for your testimony.

Do you have something to share when it comes to Christ?

He is: Maqowr Chay Mayim:

Fountain of Living Waters



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