Ready to Forgive

Colossians 3:13 Put up with each other, and forgive anyone who does you wrong, just as Christ has forgiven you.

Choice is such a great thing, but notice there is no choice

when it comes to forgiveness. We seem to think that Jesus

will understand why we didn’t forgive so & so.

The sin of unforgiveness is weight that so easily entangles

us, like a bird in the fowler’s net.

A few times over the years I have had people say

something like: ‘I’ll forgive them just as soon as they

apologize.’ I prayed with someone the other day, the Holy

Spirit said; “First comes forgiveness, then the apology.”

This person was caught in the fowler’s trap of

unforgiveness. A plan set up by the enemy to snare them.

Why? Once I had two ladies pull up to me at Prayer Stop.

The driver had terrible allergies, her mouth, ears and eyes

itched all the time and it had started within the last year.

She had to carry a handkerchief to wipe her eyes because

They watered or teared all the time due to the itching.

The Holy Spirit told me “Ingested Nightmares.” So, I

asked her if she had changed her diet? She said: “No, all

that’s been checked they did an allergy test and couldn’t

find anything wrong.” I asked: “How do you sleep? Do you

have nightmares?” She said: “No, I sleep great!”

Then I told her what the Holy Spirit told me, it made no

sense to either of us. At this moment I saw the Holy Spirit

standing by a bolder, He reached down and with His hand

flipped it over. I knew this meant to dig a little deeper,

then it hit me, so I asked: “Did you pick up somebody

else’s offense?”

She burst into to tears and confessed that someone had

really wronged her mother, the passenger was nodding her

head up and down. I told her that because she had seen

with her eyes and heard with her ears and spoke against

them with her mouth she was having all these problems.

Turned out that the passenger was deaf, so I prayed with

her to and she screamed out “I CAN HEAR HIM!”

They left happy.

and forgive anyone who does you wrong, just as Christ

has forgiven you.

I know better than most about having to forgive people, it’s hard sometimes and sometimes it can take days to put my selfish pride down, but I do, and so should you, but, please take my advice and do it now.

He is: Elohay Selichot

The God Who is Ready to Forgive


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