Hebrews 13:15

Therefore, by Him let us continually offer the sacrifice of praise to God that is, the fruit of our lips, giving thanks to His name.

Thankfulness words to live by. The other day I went get hot water from my kitchen faucet, and for some reason, the hot water runs slowly out of that faucet.

My first instinct was to complain about the faucet running so slow, but instead, I caught myself before I said anything and I thought, ‘there are people in other countries that don’t even have water.’

The opposite occurred, I became grateful for what I have, I said; “Thank you, Lord, that we have running hot water.” Now when I use the faucet I don’t get bothered about the slowness of the water I think how fortunate I am to have the things that I have. And how fortunate I am to have a slow faucet that reminds me of how good I have it in life, every time I go to use it I feel a sense of joy.

Because what the enemy intended to use to make me angry God used it to give me understanding about the joy of Thankfulness.

Thankfulness will produce fruit that you can live by, even share the gospel with others, that can help them yield fruit.

Lord Jesus, I Thank you & ask you to Bless all those who read this.

He is El Deah,

The God of Knowledge



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