St. John 11:31

Then said Thomas, which is called Didymus, unto his fellow disciples. Let us also go, that we may die with Him.

I’ve always admired Thomas. Often times over the years I have heard allot of criticism against him, but he really doesn’t deserve it. I sense a feeling of hurt when people talk about the disciples in a demeaning way as if somehow we would have said or done the correct thing.

This is where the devil started to label Thomas as ‘Doubting Thomas’. You see this is a tactic the enemy uses to belittle the true nature of Thomas. In this instance Thomas was being a pessimist, anticipating an evil outcome if they went to Judah with Jesus.

Things were really heating up at this time the religious were looking to kill Jesus, the disciples knew they were likely to suffer the same fate.

To me it’s almost like they are tired of the criticism, the painful words that the respected people of the community are saying about them. Notice none of the other disciples interjected to go along with Jesus, instead, they tried to talk Him out of it. Maybe Jesus was looking for that intercessor to stand in the gap? Lazarus was dead and needed help and Jesus was going.

Then Thomas negatively said; “Let us also go that we may die with Him.” An amazing thing happened, none of the other disciples argued? They all just went; they went because they had a respect for Thomas.

Has anyone ever asked you to pray for them, and you thought “I don’t think God can do that? That’s not the right thing to ask for.” I know I have, there’s been times when I thought; “There is no way God can answer this prayer.” Not only did He answer but He answered big!

Sometimes He doesn’t need your Faith, He needs your Words. Jesus went on to raise Lazarus from the dead and I’m sure that many people have accepted Jesus as their Savior to this day, because of this notable event.

Thomas went on to be martyred in Chennai, India and that’s more than three thousand miles from Jerusalem. One of my pastors met a Christian that was a direct descendant of St. Thomas’s ministry, her Christian ancestor accepted Jesus and could trace her faith all the way back to Thomas! Thomas traveled farther than the rest and has a lasting reward. He was speared through the side, just like Jesus when he met his death.

He is: “Parakletos”



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