The Power of Belief

Romans 1:20

For from the first making of the world, those things of God which the eye is unable to see, that is, His eternal power and existence, are fully made clear, He having given the knowledge of them through the things which He has made, so that men have no reason for wrongdoing:


Belief, have you ever been asked by someone to do something, something your very skilled at? And then they ask you again even while you’re working on their request? Your first thought is ‘I’m working on your request; it will slow me down to explain it.” It’s like they don’t know that your very knowledgeable at your trade. Worrisome people that will drive you crazy if you let them. You will think that they don’t trust you, but mostly it is a lack of belief in themselves.

I’m guilty of this with God, trying to explain to Him how to handle my circumstances.The Power of Belief over circumstances. Knowing your adversary really helps, in this case our adversary would be called ‘Circumstance.’ Must be the name of a demon as well? If so that means you have authority over it.

Simple Definition of circumstance:

  • 1: A condition or fact that affects a situation.

  • 2: The way something happens: the specific details of an event.

  • 3: An event or situation that you cannot control.

This is exactly what the Holy Spirit told me about how to handle circumstances:

“Here’s the solution; Get down on your knees and pray to get rid of iniquity.” Now I know that iniquity means sin, one’s own sin. But here’s what brings it into a different category. I had just finished praying, The Holy Spirit had already revealed to me what I needed to repent for. He also told me “You’re being pressured from all sides”

“Iniquity” sounds evil doesn’t it? Well then it must be the name of a demon! Let’s look at the character of our adversary:

Full Definition of iniquity:



  • 1: gross injustice: wickedness

  • 2: a wicked act or thing: sin

“those things of God which the eye is unable to see,”

When evil is all around you and bad things keep happening know that it is the enemy. Yesterday I had a lady tell me “Do you really know my name?” She said “It’s before the world began” and gave me this crazy look as if to intimidate me. It was a manifestation of a demonic spirit. I just silently prayed “Do you know my name? I’m a Blood washed Christian operating in the Power of the Blood, you will respect me and shut up! In the name of Jesus.” She relaxed and was suddenly a very kind person.

These are the things that we are unable to see. But here’s where it gets good. His eternal power and existence, are fully made clear,

His Power, the blood of Jesus is fully made clear to the things which we cannot see.

So demons have the knowledge of the authority of Jesus.

When I first was saved, I was police officer as I was driving in my patrol car I asked the Lord; “Why do demons have to obey your name?”

I immediately saw a vision of me in my patrol car driving up on a crime scene and the perp’s taking off running.

There’s law in the spirit and demons know that if they stick around after the authority in the name of Jesus has been applied, they can face dire consequences.

He having given the knowledge of them through the things which He has made,

We also are the things which He has made, and He has given us the knowledge of how to use His name, so that men have no reason for wrongdoing.

Remember Flip Wilson? He was funny comedian back in the day. Just typing his name makes me smile. He had a line that us oldsters will remember “The devil made me do it!” Well, that won’t stand on the day of judgement.

He is: “Jehovah Palat”

“Lord Deliverer”



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1965 Bible in Basic English

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