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The Bells Are One January 16

Psalm 55:17

Evening, and morning, and at noon will I pray, and cry aloud: and He shall hear my voice.

Have you ever wondered why churches use bells? It was a call to prayer three times a day 6 am, 12 noon and 6 pm. It was and still is a reminder to many people around the world to take a moment and pray to our Lord. In Russia, the churches were built according to the distance in which you could hear the bells.

When making a bell at a foundry the makers first pour molten metal into a mold and let it cool for a couple of days. After they remove it, a lathe cuts 5 different musical tones into the inner ring of the bell. Then they take a tuning fork, and it has to be the right tuning fork as there are several different tuning forks to choose from. The Master Bell Maker knows which fork to use of course. He takes the tuning fork and taps it, placing it to the side of the bell and it energizes the tone of the bell because the tuning fork is the right pitch. The two together make a beautiful tone, and the tone is the same.

You see God is the Master Bell Maker, when you come to Him in prayer, the Holy Spirit knows exactly what pitch you need in order to make a beautiful sound, the two sounds become one.

He is: Elohim Shama

The God Who Hears


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