Scott Coy Prophetic Ministries is unique.

We have never asked our radio audience for a donation. The Holy Spirit wanted me to trust for our support. As the radio Program has grown, our airtime costs are substantial. We air in several states from the East Coast to the West Coast. We are a non-profit Christian Ministry and advertisers are reluctant to support Christian radio. We have been very blessed to receive sponsorship from the following companies. When you click on the links and purchase from our sponsors, it directly supports the ministry, but it also opens the door to the value of Christian radio broadcasts to the corporate community.

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# 800-839-1827


 Prayer Stop on the Air is honored to be sponsored in part by Swanson Christian Products, a 4th generation family-owned company whose mission is to develop products of eternal value that point people to God in their daily lives. Partner with us in spreading God's Word! If you see the Swann on the tag, pick it up! 

          You can purchase Swanson Christian Products at your local Christian Book Stores or go to: Purchase Christian products such as apparel, Bible covers, Christian board games, and coffee mugs. For churches, you can get communion supplies and anything that supports God's word. Please help our program and click on the link: