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Unlimited Calling March 15

Psalm 50:15

And call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me.

We all know that God is the beginning and the end, He knows everything. Somehow, I don’t think He knew how much I would have to call upon him, how many days of trouble I have had. I’ve told Father God that, it’s such an unfair trade I accepted Jesus and He gave me eternal life, which is worth more than anything, and yet, He helps me through all my troubles. Surely, He gets tired out by me.

I once had a beautiful dog named Sootie, and she followed me everywhere, she was always on my heels. One day while doing some carpentry work in the house, I was running in and out to the shop often, and every time I had to stop and wait for Sootie to follow me out, and then back in.

Sootie was standing next to me as I was about to make another trip back outside and I just got angry, and I said Sootie would you just leave me alone? Then I thought to myself “What if God gets tired of me?” I felt so guilty for saying that to my best friend, she just wanted to be with me. Then I became worried that maybe God was getting tired of me, with all my problems.

I carried this worry for a few days, at the next Sunday service, the pastor was preaching, and he said, “God never gets tired of you coming to Him with your problems!”

I was so relieved, sometimes our lives can feel like a thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle all scrambled up, in a box with the picture sides down, but somehow, He can put it together right side up.

He is: El Kanna

Jealous God



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