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Excite Yourself

Proverbs 14:14

The backslider gets bored with himself; the godly man’s life is exciting.

(The Living Bible)

We as Christians tend to have a belief about backsliders, that they are Christians who turn away from God and rush towards a life of absolute debauchery. In some cases, that is probably true. However, the word backslider means going back, back to their original ways, or maybe their original sin. I have observed that it is a slow process; the devil knows how to position time against you. He knows that he can’t get a Christian to surrender God all at once. Ironically, he knows he has limited time on this earth, but time is on his side when it comes to you.

Tactics he will use always start with a thought, James 1:14 Temptation is the pull of man’s own evil thoughts and wishes. Here is an example of someone I spoke to years ago, a single mother who worked a full-time job, Monday through Saturday, and had children. At one time, she was employed full-time by the church and loved by everyone. Her husband, a faithful church member, committed adultery and left her and the children for another woman. And then she stopped coming to church. I ran into her one day and asked her why she no longer attended church. She said she was so busy throughout the week that Sunday mornings were the only days she could catch up on her sleep.

Here’s the temptation; it begins with a thought. Not long ago, I just said out loud, and for no reason, “I’m so tired!” The Holy Spirit instantly corrected me, and He said: “Stop saying that! Otherwise, you will start believing it!” You see, I don’t know what her thought process was, but I’m sure it was something similar. It’s the subtle forms of temptation the enemy uses, and he has a schedule, a very predictable schedule; every Sunday morning he will offer you an excuse not to go to church. When you stop attending, you will get bored with life and enter into sin.

The Good News is that if you continue pursuing righteousness and being faithful, you have this promise: the godly man’s life is exciting. As Justin Wilson used to say, “I Guarantee!”

He is: Shub Nephesh

Renewer of Life



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