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Dark Light November 3

Luke 11:35

Take heed therefore that the light which is in thee be not darkness.

This statement by Jesus seems like an impossibility; how can a person have dark light?

Take your modern-day light bulbs; there is such a wide variety of choice. You have your spotlight that wants to illuminate one area. Some preachers only preach about sin; it’s like they burn a hole in the podium.

There’s a Christmas light that blinks on and off, dazzling the spectator with an array of cute little lights, like people that pretend to be Christians when they need your help. When I was younger, this used to confuse me, I would be around people, and they would act holy or say the appropriate bible verse when convenient. They do this to appear pious.

Next, we have the dimmer light, turned down low to conserve energy; it only lights up when needed. Carnal Christians are good at this; they show up in church on Sunday all lit up and then are dimmed back down on Monday.

But, the light above that Jesus is talking about is the worst kind of light, the stage light. Ministers are preaching a weakened gospel to win YouTube followers. Jesus was talking about the Pharisees and Sadducee’s evil doctrine, based on self-gain Old testament net-worth.

I speak a lot about Jesus, but the one thing I fear the most is standing in judgment for the people I have mislead, that’s the greatest fear, or worse yet, the people I have offended (carnally) that may have caused them to turn away from Jesus. Your motives determine your light.

He is: Shaphat




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