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Do you need a pick me up? November 30

Isaiah 6:1

In the year that king Uzziah died I saw also the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up, and His train filled the temple.

King Uzziah was a righteous king who served well in his office for the Lord until pride took him down. Isaiah was a member of the royal family, Uzziah was his nephew. I'm sure Isaiah was grieving the loss of a great king and family member.

Mathew Henry believed that Isaiah was contemplating quitting his ministry. Isaiah was exhausted, commissioned by God to speak of things to come. No prophet went unpunished by society; every word and action is under scrutiny.

I'm sure Isaiah saw the smirks, the heads shook in disbelief, the quiet scoffs, and he heard the bitter words. Rejection combined with grief can make you want off this planet.

God saw this, and He knew that Isaiah needed a pick me up. But when God lifts you, He goes all out! Isaiah needed to know that even though the King had died that God was still on the Throne! Isaiah needed some victory in life, and God revealed His Throne to him.

When kings defeated another kingdom, I read that they would take a portion of the defeated King's royal robe and attach it to the base of their royal robe, this was called the train, and God's train filled the temple! Isaiah witnessed God's many victories; defeat wasn't in the room, only the wins.

I recently had a vision of a train (locomotive) stopping it was very long and as I stood there looking at the train and you could feel the power of the engines. I knew Jesus was showing me this regarding His train filling the temple. Our congregation at church felt the presence of God enter the worship service, our praise and worship had brought God into our sanctuary, and He paused with all His power. Then the train powered up to pull away. The railroad tracks in front the railroad tracks signify the plans of God, set on rails going to a specific destination. What God decides will be done.

If you need to 'a pick me up,' start praising God. I know it can be hard to stir yourself up sometimes. But as you begin to praise Him, his presence will come to fill you up. He's a Good, Good God!

He is: Shub Nephesh

Renewer of Life


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