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These are some of the Miracles the LORD has done through Prayer Stop. Sometimes people have reported back to me & some of the things I have witnessed.

(This is a new page, I will add more when I can.) 

Pay Raise
A relative was going to interview for a different job with his company I prayed and asked the Lord if He would compensate him? The Lord said:
"I will negotiate on his behalf."
That same day his company unexpectedly gave him a $4000.00 pay raise.
Struggling Business
I prayed with two business owners that were really struggling. I was really believing that God would answer the prayer by sending them more business. But instead they called and told me that they had sold the business and would be out from under the burden.

Child With Blood Clot

Sept. 30, 2017

This was testified by a member of my church congregation before the church.
She said she had met a lady who had stopped by Prayer Stop with her daughter. She stated that her daughter had a blood clot in her chest that was life threating. The daughter was prayed for, the next day they went to the hospital and the blood clot was gone.
She said the Doctor stated that this was a miracle and that this could have only happened by the hand of God.


Drug Addict

A young lady who looked very saddened asked for prayer. She told me that her brother was a drug addict for years and that he had destroyed their family. She said she needed God to do a miracle for her brother.
A few months later, a young lady drove up jumped out of her car and excitedly told me that she had stopped by to pray for her brother (on a Saturday.) On Monday he called her and told her that he had joined a rehab program.
She said that he had received Jesus as his Lord and Saviour, had gotten a job and was now a productive citizen and giving back to society. She stated her whole family had gotten saved. She was so grateful that she had joined a church and was giving out food boxes to the poor every Wednesday night.

Sister having a Heart Attack

An elderly lady stopped by and told me she was on her way to pick up her sister and bring her to the Emergency Room. She said her sister was having a heart attack and she thought she would stop and ask for prayer.

Needless to say, I prayed very fast and told her to go and get a good report from the doctor.

Two weeks later another lady drove up and told me that her sister had stopped by for prayer for her. I asked how the Doctor visit went? She said that the pain had stopped about five minutes before her sister arrived and she didn’t even go to the Hospital.

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