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Prayer Stop on The Air

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We are a small ministry that does Great Things. 
Please partner with us.

      Our ministry:

       On September 21, 2013, per the Lord's instruction, I launched my first day at Prayer Stop. I had some signs created and sat alongside Middle Tennessee Boulevard at Victory Christian Center. I ministered almost every Saturday for five years. Countless miracles and encounters with the Lord took place and changed lives. 

    During that time, The Holy Spirit instructed me to attend PowerHouse Ministries School to learn how to operate in the prophetic. Still part-time and my wife still in school, I told the Lord I could not afford the gas to travel to Nashville once a week, let alone the tuition. He told me, "I will put you on scholarship." My tuition was always miraculously met. But there remained the need for extra gas money, Dr. Sandy Powell founded the school, and the Lord instructed her to move the school from Nashville to Murfreesboro for the next year! It was 1 mile and six-tenths away from my home! I felt a little bad for all the students that had to commute the extra 45 minutes, so I stayed late every night and did the janitorial work. Three years and four months later, I graduated and was ordained as a Chaplain on May 12, 2017. Soon after, the Lord spoke to me and said, "From now on, you will be known as Chaplain Coy." I cried the entire day, not wanting the responsibility of being placed in this position.

    In 2016 the Lord instructed me to create a 501c3 not-for-profit ministry. With minimal funds and my wife in school, I was a part-time bus driver for The City of Murfreesboro. Every day was a struggle financially. I stepped out in faith, and He made way for me to start the 501c3 and told me to name it: Scott Coy Prophetic Ministries.

    In May 2016, He told me to write a book using God's names and send them out as devotions. In August of 2021, I completed the 661 pages, and it is currently at the publishers. 

    Next, the Lord told me to start a radio ministry, I told Him He absolutely had the wrong person for this ministry, and on Father's day, June 19, 2016, I stepped out in faith, and Prayer Stop on the Air first aired. Having a total fear of public speaking somehow, we made it through the first program. 

     Prayer Stop on the Air is now on sixteen channels and located in eight states, with a potential listening audience of around 9 million. Initially, I asked the Lord how I was supposed to pay for the program? Do I ask for donations on the air?' I immediately had a vision of the Holy Spirit, and He said: "Now that wouldn't be faith now, would it?" In six years, I have never asked anyone to support my ministry financially and have never asked for a donation over the air. My radio costs have increased to a substantial sum of money, but we have never been late on a payment. 

    On January 29 of this year, I had a dream, I met a man, and he was a bishop for the Lord, and he escorted me into a large room. Many people were sitting in the audience; they were in very formal business attire. I knew they were 'Investors.' He walked me up to the front and had me stand next to him, and he explained that they were forming a new company and explained the company model. He said, "Fortunately, we have just the right man for the job! Scott Coy!" 

    This brings me to my current assignment. Last week I signed a contract with Air Media Group to syndicate my radio program and make it nationwide. The Lord told me to create parameters for my radio program. Air Media wants me to increase to a 30-minute time slot. I asked the Lord if He wanted me to do this, and His response was, "I want you to go to 30-minutes a day!" Air Media kept asking me how I could fund the program if I refused to ask for money over the air? The Holy Spirit said, "Tell him the money is on the way."

I am not jumping headlong into a 30-minute daytime slot. I need to take steps to get there. First, I need to take my existing stations to 30-minutes per weekly program & the Holy Spirit told me to start adding new stations from the top ten radio stations in America. Chicago is ranked #3, and that will be my next station (Lord willing.) 

    I asked the Lord if He would place it on someone's heart to donate to my ministry, and He said, "I will tell them about the investment opportunity." I have struggled with sending a letter out asking for financial help, and the Lord let me know this is an Investment Opportunity for others and to send it out today. The investment is for eternity, and I believe it will generate significant returns from the standpoint of faith. This morning, because of Prayer Stop on the Air, I was able to help lead a young man to the Lord, a destiny was changed, and we have a new brother in the Lamb's Book of Life, and the Lord connected him with a pastor and a church.

    I am asking you, please commit to investing in this ministry. It is good ground. I have never taken a penny of the Lord's gold, nor will I take any of His glory. My email list is less than a hundred people. I have not been about donor building or seeking fame. I ask that you please forward this email to your contact list and invite others to help support this ministry. Currently, I have one person that helps Judy & me with financial support for the ministry. It would take too much time to mention all the people, and benevolence this ministry has done, we just do good. Here is your chance to help a ministry grow into a major impact for the Lord. And by so doing, you will impact your eternal reward. We are a 501c3, and your contribution is tax-deductible. 

Please let the Holy Spirit lead you in this decision. 

He is: Jehovah-Jireh 

           The Lord Provides



Chaplain Coy


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