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The Unjust Steward Explained

Luke 16:1-9 And he said also unto his disciples, There was a certain rich man, which had a steward; and the same was accused unto him that he had wasted his goods. Luke 16:2 And he called him, and said unto him, How is it that I hear this of thee? give an account of thy stewardship; for thou mayest be no longer steward. Luke 16:3 Then the steward said within himself, What shall I do? for my lord taketh away from me the stewardship: I cannot dig; to beg I am ashamed. Luke 16:4 I am resolved what to do, that, when I am put out of the stewardship, they may receive me into their houses. Luke16:5 So he called every one of his lord's debtors unto him, and said unto the first, How much owest thou u

Find Him in His Word

Deuteronomy 10:20 Thou shalt fear the LORD thy God; him shalt thou serve, and to him shalt thou cleave, and swear by his name. At first read this looks like a contradiction in principles? Let’s dig a little deeper into the meaning of this very powerful statement. Thou shalt fear; in this case the word fear means to: morally revere God, causatively it would be a very frightening experience to be in God’s presence. Also, the name of the LORD is in all caps rendering this back to original Hebrew it reads; את eth-YAHUAH ELOHAYKA. את eth Are the first and last letters of the Hebrew Aleph-Bet (their alphabet, it reads from right to left.) א Aleph which symbolizes the Ox Head, a symbol of strength

Sing Your Way Out

2Chronicles 20:17 Ye shall not need to fight in this battle: set yourselves, stand ye still, and see the salvation of the LORD with you, O Judah and Jerusalem: fear not, nor be dismayed; tomorrow go out against them: for the LORD will be with you. KJV Have you ever been up against a situation so big that there just isn’t any way to overcome it? This is what King Jehoshaphat was up against, an army of three different nations that had placed Jerusalem under siege. They were facing total annihilation. At the hardest times of my life and in the loneliest moments when there’s been nothing, I could still sing His praise. When you have no hope everything you do becomes so very hard. A load of laund

Angels in Charge

Psalm 91:11 He Will command His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways. It’s a wonderful relief to know that God has placed a bodyguard at your side. Helping you to walk according to God’s will for your life. How many times have you thought not to do something and you did, then it didn’t work out so well? Maybe that was your angel giving you a warning? Years ago while I was driving and worshiping God I thought; I would take a moment to thank my angels for all the work they have done for me, I wasn’t praying to them or worshiping them I just wanted to say, ‘Thank you.’ As I said, “Thank you” a thought struck me like a ton of bricks & I cried out, “I’m so sorry! You see me in all

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